Air Conditioner Rental

AC Rentals Newmarket

Our comprehensive fleet of commercial air conditioners for rent helps job sites, businesses, municipalities, and events with a range of both indoor and outdoor air cooling and ventilation needs. These flexible yet advanced portable air conditioners are designed with a compact footprint to remain unobtrusive and quiet, on low decibel levels.

The City Air Rental Center can help you make your space a more comfortable place to spend time with our selection of air coolers and heaters. Contractors don’t have to suffer through the sweltering heat on a job site in the summertime and a family can stay warm and cozy at home even when a snowstorm knocks out the power with a heater or cooler rental from City Air Newmarket. Our equipment comes in a range of BTUs and is able to handle the heating and cooling of small to large areas and everything in between. You can feel comfortable operating our rentals even if you’re a novice, with our easy to operate the rentable fleet.

Features and applications include:
– Highly efficient and quiet
– Long-lasting and durable
– Built to fit through doors
– Provide spot cooling in high temperature areas
– Great for offices, industrial plants, server rooms, hospitals and laboratories

Portable AC Units Newmarket

Whether you need cooling for a tent at a special event, or the requirement is for heavy-duty industrial cooling for a tank or refining column, we have a solution for you. Our AC units are the perfect solution for temporary applications that require lower than ambient temperatures. Call us today for a free site visit at ✆ (905)-252-0652

Useful Applications:

– Special Events

– Temporary Building Cooling

– Industrial / Gas Refinery Cooling

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